Sunday, 22 August 2010


This is an acrostic poem on weekends. Do you know what an acrostic poem is?

Waited seven days
Each minute like an hour
Even the weather cooperated
Kept all my promises

Enjoyment abounding
Never a dull moment
Dad, oh, no, it's over already!

What was your most enjoyable moment this weekend?

See you tomorrow with lots of energy!


Anonymous said...

I dont know what an acrostic poem is but I would like to know.
The poem was very interesting because it had the first letter of eah sentence that formed WEEK END! and the poem had a lot to do with the weekend so it was very interesting, I LOVE WEEKENDS!
This weekend hasnt ended yet but upto now the moment that I enojoyed the most was yesterday in Geni´s birthday party! I had a great time chatting with all my friends of olivos and punta chica! t was very funny! I had a great time!
Hope you had a great time to in your weekend!
Kiisses, michelle

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
I think that an acrostic poem is a poep in which the first word starts with a letter, that combined one after the other one forms a phrase. Here is an example:
Panthers growl,
Orioles sing,
Eagles soar,
Monkeys swing.
Here is another one:
Hope you like them,

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think I know what an acrostic poem is, is when all the first letters of each sentence form a word.
I really liked my weekend. Yesterday I had a really good time in Geni´s birthday party. And also I invited some friends.
Bye Ale, Lourdes Undem 6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think that an acrostic poem is a poem that if you look at the first letter of each line it forms a phrase. In that case it was WEEKEND.
Manuel 6ºB

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
The poem was really good and, many times, realistic. However, when Monday morning arrives, I am happy to go to school because I get to be with my friends again and learn something new and interesting that will be useful today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.
An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word, probably relating to the subject of the poem; like here, where the word, the wonderful word, is “Week End”.
I suppose the best part of my week end was when I was able to chat with a friend I had not talked to for a long time.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
At first I said an Acrostic poem?? What on earth is that, then when I read it I realised and this is what I think:
Acrostic Poems are those poems that talks about the phrase or word that you can see it from the first letter down in a column and if it is an acrostic poem a word will appear.

This is an example:

Several homework I have to do

Homework, homework that's what I do

On Monday I start

On Friday it ends

Learning is a wonderful task.

This acrostic poem says schools and talks about school.

In the acrostic poem you posted it said weekend.

This weekend for me was calm I am with sinusitis but I am getting al right!!! Maybe at school tomorrow Ill be. I enjoyed A LOT GOING TO LARA´S HOUSE, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. I WAS FEELING BETTER OF COURSE, now I am tired and tomorrow Ill see if I am good to go to school. Weekends are special days for you to organize yourself relax and have lot´s of fun and rest about all the work you made on the week. We children I don´t know adults like going on a bike ride with your friends go to the cinema and then when it is time to start the week again you'll be ready to start happy and joyful. Is nice to have some time for yourself and sleep and relax this was a very resting weekend because last weekend the alojadas came and this week we had the concert it was exhausting.

Lot´s of Kisses & Love
Hope seeing you tomorrow
Valentina P. 6a

Axel said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I don't know what an acrostic poem is. The best time on my weekend was when I played tennis. I love weekends but I think that weekends are so excellent that they go by too fast!!! Even though, I like weeks but it's like 5 against 2, no proportion! In Japan they have school on Saturdays, that would be too much! Marvellous poem!
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale

This type of poem is great and fabulous because you can read a phrase in the first letters of the sentences that's fun. I enjoyed reading that poem


Anonymous said...

Miss ale,
the poem s were great and I hope you put moré!!!
Artu Elsztain

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale
i don t know what an acrostic poem is
the moment i most enjoyed was on my brother s birthday and in geni s birthday
kisses vale g

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I thaught this poem was very good. The best thing of this week was that we had the concert and Geni´s party. Very good post. See you in class!!!

Felipe 6B

Anonymous said...

Hi ale!
Yes, ir know what a acrostic poem meanes! Its a word or more that they are vertical and then some sentensis are horizontal starting with the letter of the acrostic word
Kisses Vani

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
i would like to know what an acrostic poem means....
i think is what ana said on that comment...
keep on putting ACROSTIC POEMS!
bye, justi 6b

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
I know what an acrostic poem is it is a poem that is written like this:


This week end was short and long at the same time
this weekend I invited clari.F to my house on saturday morning after hockey and on sunday I had a bithday party , after the B-day Maru.T and Valu.P
came to my house so I had A great tme during this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale
Very nice poem.
Im not sure but maybe acrostic means when you wright something and the first letter of each sentence when combined form a phrase that has something to do with what you wright.
This weekend i had a lot of fun in Geni's birthday!!!.

carolina said...

Hello Miss Ale!
The most enjoyable moment in this weekend was every day. Friday I went to Franca's house to sleep and we went to the Talar de Pacheco and we saw a lot of friends. Then we went to Punta Chica and I stayed there until 4 o' clock of the afternoon because it was Vale G's brother's birthday. We had a lot of fun. We played a mini World Cup in teams of two and Vale and Me got to the Semi Final because we had to go and we couldn't go on. Thta same afternoon I went to Geni's birthday party. I was very nice and I had a lot of fun. From there I went to Sofi F. house with Franca, Sofi B. and Mechi and I stayed in her house to sleep. Next day I was all day in Sofi's house and we had a lot of fun. We did a lot of things. Then... I returned to my house and I went to sleep.
Hope you had fun in your weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!!

I think I know what an acrostic poem is. For me is:
You put a word like this:
W .....
E .....
E .....
K .....

E .....
N .....
D .....
And then write any frase that starts with the letter thar you have..

Have a great "Week End"
See ya...

carolina said...

Hi Miss Ale!
hen I sent the first comment I didn't know what an acrostic poem was so I said to my self that I could read it again, and if I didn't understand again. Then I remembered one of the Posts that Miss Florence left that their were some sentences and the first letters formed Chocolate. So I did that and as the last question said something about the weekends I understood so...
An acrostic poem is a poem that if we put together each first letter of each first word in the sentences you can form a word from it.
I love this type of POEMS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ale:

First, I don't know what is an acrostic poem. Then, this weekend I enjoyed when I went to Felip's house that we went into the pool that was very but very cold. I also enjoyed playing rugby and another thing that I enjoyed a lot was Geni's Birthday Party. We made many things.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale I think the most enjoyable part of this weekend was going to Laru´s house in Martindale with Vale.P.WE had a great time watching movies and eating asado.We had a great time
Bye Marina

Anonymous said...

An actostic Poem is a poem in which the first lettters of each line when read vertically spellk out a word which the subject of the poem is revealed in this case tha acrostic says `` WEEKEND´´
the PArt of the weekend that I liked the most was the one were I whent to a friends house.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
An acrostic poem is: An acrostic poem is one that uses a word or phrase (usually the theme or the underlying subject matter of the poem) written vertically. Each letter of the word/phrase then acts as the beginning letter for a new line of the poem. Whatever is written using each letter must connect to the subject matter.
It was really funny by the WEEK-ENDS. I really enjoy them and wait for them anxiously. To go to a friends house, go to shop, go to eat to espacial place for an special occation, play with my sisters, watch my favourite TV program, play in the computer, jump in my Trapoline, do some excersises fiscical and mental, and lots of things more for each persons likes. I loved this post.
Lucia L. 6a Fleming

Anonymous said...

Ive got an acrostic poem:
Whatever I do
Ever can be done
Either at the WEEK-END
Kare of your time (I know it is bad written but it is the only thing that came to my mind)
Even when it ends it ends to quickly.
No one can have fun
During the WEEK-END
This is an aditional post up there its mine. I only wanted to show it to you.
Lucia L. 6a Fleming

Anonymous said...

Hello MRs Ale!!!!!!!
My most enjoyable part this weekend was: when I went tu Nuniez to El Monumental to see my team River Plate. I had lots of fun and we bet Independiente 3-2. I was in a part of the stadium called "San Martin Alta" and the people who sold the tickets sold more tickets than they should so I was very "apretado" (Sorry I dont know how to say the word in english) and I had to stay in the staris of the San Martin sith some guys that didnt let me see the match relaxed. It was funny becuase there was a man who had a microphone in his year and I think he had it bad caluclated so he didnt stop shouting like mad, he even shouted when he talked to his friend that he had him 2 cm. next to him. It was a great mtch, River scored teh first goal then INdependiente tied it and then we scored to goals more and in the second half River dominated the ball all the second half and there was an error with the defense whe teh match was about to finish so they scored us a goal and when teh match had only half a minute to finish a Independiente player kicked from outside the area and Carrizo River's goal keeper did and amazing jump and saved the goal. When the match finished I ahd to wait 45 minutes to go because sicurity didn't open de doors until all Indpendiente fans went away and it was a long and borring time till they went away. Later when I got home I ourned on the TV and I saw 7 times the match's resume, to see the goals again and to see if I appeared by television.

Anonymous said...

Exellent poem, I am very impressed.
I didn´t knew about this type of poems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The poem was every interesting ¿can it be that the acrostic poems are the ones that in the first letter of each senntence if you put the toghether make a word or a sentence or a phrase?

Facu V

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I dont know what an acrostic poem is but I can have a idea by reading the post. My best part of this weekend up to now was when I went to by some T-shirts, because I love the smell of the new clothes.

Anonymous said...

IT was a very interesting poem and it was fun that the vertical letters formed weekend. Luckily today is friday and we have all weekend waiting¡¡¡

See You, Franco