Thursday, 10 June 2010

Mr Nobody

Click on the link and read the poem.

Do you consider Mr Noboy a fantasy or a real character?

What happens in your house that you could blame on Mr Nobody?

Do you think Mr Nobody is a good name for the character described in the poem?

Be good! I'll miss you!
Happy weekend!


sofi.k said...

Hi miss ale
I consider that Mr. Nobuddy is a fantasy storie because who ever saw him and their is not invisible people. Althogh that I have to accept that all the broken plates in my house... well... it was Mr. Nobuddy.jaja.I blamed on Mr. nobuddy lots of times... when I broke a plate, or a glas, or when magicly the floor had dirty footsteps etc...
Ithink thats a really good name for it but another name also could el fantasma Benito, because most of the time when you do something and you dont want to accept it (like:"who was the last one to come in, he or she didnt close the door... not me it was el fantasma Benito) jaja
lots of love...
sofi.k =) (=

Axel said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that Mr Nobody is not real, I think that he has a good name but sometimes curious things happen and I think that none of us in the family did it. He's good for us to put excuses, though we don't have to put excuses. I loved the showing sentences that there were in the poem, like as quiet as a rat( simile). There are some curious things in life, it is strange, but it is surethst it is not Mr Nobody, because there isn't anybody invisible. Good Poem!
See You,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ÇHI!!I think that nobody is a fantasy character I could blame him of living cloth in the floor thing out of placeetc...
I think that mr nobady is a perfect name for the poem
nicky b

Alina said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I really think that Mr Nobody is a fanatsy character because it is someone who is never seen OR exsisted. I think i could blame Mr Nobody in leaving clothes in the bed... ´cause I never (almost) leave my clothes on my bed. Mr Nobody is a good name for the poem.
Laughs and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
i think mr nobody could be a fantasy character, because it is really like a ghost because you cant see him.
i really would blame mr nobody when theres footprints on the floor with mud or such thing...
i think that mr nobody is a great name but i am not completley sure about it i really dont now why...
it doesnt convince me.
well bye and have a nice weekend
justina 6b

Anonymous said...

Hello mis alle :
well we think that Mr.Nobady is a fantastic and a very good character for the poem . One day in my house we and flor were eating breakfast and I wanted to drink MILK and suddenly the MILK FELL ALL OVER THE TABLE AND THE FLOOR AND ALL OVER ME do you think that it was MR NOBADY ?
kisses soofi franzetti !

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think Mr. nobody real exsist, when I lost somethin or I need something and I dont have it or I dont found it I always say to my mother
"Mom somebody take me my things but I dont know who?, for me it dissapear"jaja
But theres some times I am happy because that thing I dont like so...:)
One day , I had a birthday super important so I havd to go very well dress, but ... I DONT FIND MY SHIRT!
It was terrible, 30:00 minutes later I found it below my sisters bed! she had put it there, but she has 3 years old!
I think its a good name for Mr nobody, it could also be mr who?
Do you think Mr.Nobody exsist?
You had a terrible problem like mine in your life? have to tell me!
see you on monday!
kisses flor.a. 6c

Miss Ale said...

Thank you for visiting our blog, from Adelaide, South Australia.
But I would like to contact you. You left no information about you. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I consider Mr. Nobody a fantasy character, for me a ghost. I would use the name MR GHOST or MR WHO, that style. I always use this type of fraces. I didnt do it, Mr. Nobody did. Sometimes my mother says please dont eat upstairs but when I am very tired and hungry I cant resist and I do it. When my mother goes upstars and she sees all the floor, her bed and me fool of bisquets, I still say is Mr. Nobody.Very common used. But it was me and I need to clean up all the mess and change my clothes if it is very dirty. I am very common by the way Mr.Nobody leaves the clothes over the bed, I do it just, ALL THE TIME. So I wrote a long paragraph but then the computer erased it all, I am sorry by doing it this short. SORRY. I saw the one of South Australia, the one that participates of the World Cup. CONGRATULATIONS! and good luck for the match. It would be great to contact them.
Keep on Blogging!
See you in Class!
Lucia L. 6a Fleming

Anonymous said...

I thing Mr Nobody is a fantacy charecter created and used moust for childrenslie us and perents used it to make you feel silly but Mr nobody explains meany straneg things that children like us see but for perents they have to see it to belive i. IT WAS A VERY GOOD POEM,
Bye Dolores.S.G

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale i think that that name is good for the poem because they don't nkow who i is

Facu V

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I can´t imagen another name for a poem like that, I think the author wants as to think about the things we do and we don´t want to admit. I think Mr. Nobody is a fiction character, that means is not real that it is a fantasy element in a real place like a house. In my house, I could BLAME Mr. Nobody for eating all the chocolate or for leaving the lights on. THIS IS SOMETHING SPOOKY HERE:
One day I was with my mom at home all by ourselfs and we were in the family room beside the kitchen and the door was open and the light of the kitchen was off and all of a sudden it went on, and the light hadn´t gone out cause the electricity!!!! My mom said it was my granny that is dead. bUT SHE SAID (i THINK) For me not to get scared....... That could Mr. Nobody!!!! no one knows!
With love your student
Valen P. 6a