Monday, 14 June 2010

Choose your own fantasy stories

I can see that you are all very enthused when writing your Choose your own Fantasy Story. This is a game from the National Geographic where you are a member of the expedition. Click on the link and have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Ale!!
I played the game and it was a bit long but I liked. I read the story about Sacajawea in forth and I really liked.

Anonymous said...

hi miss alee

i had played the game its wonderfull.
now weare writing ower own stories and this help us understand more of ower project. it was veryy longgg!!!!!!!
but it was good!!
mili s.g brown 6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss ale it was gdreat fun but a little long for my opinion but I liked the idear of doing fantacy storys it is an exelent idear.Bye

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
Today wasn´t at school because I was terrible sick, i PLAYED THE GAME... It wa sgreat I loved it. I like so much the idea.
Valen P. 6A
PS: I like the new blog is nicer!!

Miss Ale said...

Thank you, Valen!!! You are the first one to notice about the blog!!
It's for a change!! Hope you get well soon. We miss you!

Alina said...

Hello Miss Ale!
I played that game... AWESOME! I travelled a long way and I made it!
Thanks a lot for that game!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale,

I enjoyed it, but its dead annoying when they all ignore your advice! What good explorer hgoes out to explore in the middle of a blizzard? I mean really!


Anonymous said...

hi miss Ale,
Axel and I finished our part, and finished our own one(the individual part) It is fantastic, we thought many but many ideas together and we thought how to add them to the story.We tried to do it as best as we could. Mean while Agustin,Vartan and Harry were doing corrections and fighting to say what to do, we thought great ideas. but we had fun hearing what Agustin and his group was saying and we laugh and laugh but we worked. We are waiting to tell us if it is good.
Andres J.

Axel said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The game was great, I loved it. We are all happy with the Choose Your Own Fantasy Story project, I am doing it with Andy and I think that we had great ideas, we are getting together our ideas, and we make a better story than doing it alone. We are too happy!
See you,

Axel G

Carolina said...

Hello Miss Ale!
The game was fun. Is exactly what we are doing in class. My group still has to finish. We are doing the individual part know. I had a lot of fun. It is a good way to crate a good story because you can chose the option hat you want and you have a lot of options of stories to make an put together.
I think that it has a good purpose. Because you start doing it with 4 or 5 people then with 2 or three and then you do it a lone. Everyone did something and everyone did the same quantity of thing in a way. I had a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale great game I made it to the ocean!! I hadnt think I would get to the end of the game but I did it.
Bye Marina

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale, What a long game I loved it. I read a book of Sacajawea In third or fourth and I really liked t. I like playing games through out the blog. Actually I really like a lot this Idea of having a blog, for me this was like impossible because I thought ,a blog? I didnt really think I would be part of a blog. This is fantastic. A Yea that is true I am really engoyig writing hte fantasy story with my group and inventing and thinking , writing and having fun with my partners. This will help us a lot with the writing and inventing. I dont like a lot writing stories but this is a very good I dea I would never had thinked of. I am very happy because on thursday we play against Korea.
See you,

bautista said...

Hi Miss Ale
I enjoyed the game but I was very long but I enjoy it.I like the games you put always.
Bye Bye
Bauti Vf 6C

Anonymous said...

What a stranged game miss ale you choose one side and sometimes you go to another.

Facu V

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
i did not undestand but it was good for playing i had do all the game, the only part i did undestant was to answer quuestions, but i enjoyed.
Bye lolo 6a

Anonymous said...

hello mis Ale

The game was a bit too long but i did not like it but it was a 40% good. I am reading the storys blues i in the second one maby some boys are in the therd one
because they give the therd stroy on friday and i was upsent
bye pablo 6a

Anonymous said...

I liked it It would of been better if it wasn't too long

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I didnt know how to enter the game but as you say me and I think many other people are also interested in the fantasy story. But as you know Nico F has all our work but in his house or mabye in South Africa. I have to turn on a fire so I leave for some time.
Alejo N

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale!
I love my fantasy story, its excelent, Its funny and it has metaphor, similies and personifications! its great, I think you will like it also

Anonymous said...

the game was great and a litelbit long


bauti.m said...

hi miss ale
the story was verry nice and I really enjoyed it .I had a lot of fun and it was verry long
bye bye