Friday, 4 September 2009

Our Voicethread- Visit our country.

We invite you to visit our country through these images and through our comments. Please leave us a comment in the voicethread by recording it or by typing it. You must be registered in voicethread. Hope you like it!

Click here to travel throughout our country.


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think this experience about voice thread is vERY good! I just cant wait for Miss Fiona's students do the same with South Africa because I really want to know about that country and up to know, I just know its name! ajaj Well, When I first saw yuor post I clicked "play" and started listening, I think its great, I saw it almost all the presentation and the pieces of writing that each one of us say are good divided. When I heard myself I wanted to scream....I talked way to fast! That was because I was quite nervous and that was the 5th time we where dooing it, because voice thread wasnt working. well, seee you on Monday mornin, Ill blog throughout the weekend.
Vicky sc.
ps: Please tell me if its better for it to record it again!!jaja

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

The project is excellent!!!I hope south Africa likes it and enjoys it.

See you on Monday,

Ramiro Sa.

Ceeli said...

Hello Miss Alee
It's me AGAIN!! Ihaven't been posting for a while but now I am posting ALOT!! Changing the subject... I yet haven't record VOICE THREAD! Can't waitt too! The voices are great. I think everybody who record it did a REALLY GREAT JOB!! And Vicki Sc. you did it excelent, for me you didn't speak that fast!! I hope everybody who record it enjoyed it alot and I can't wait to record mine (if theres any ti me left)! And I was wondering if we could do the same project but with other countriess! Or maybe we could show it to another teacher in other schools or other grades... Maybe next yearr! I think that would be AWESOME! I really hope South Africa likes it, because we put a BIG effort doing it, recording it, you correcting our information, moduling (modulando). And can't wait to see theirs! Hoep to see it soon.
Lots of love,
Celi Peters

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale
I am very happy about this project.My senence is about Buenos Aires. I have couriosity about where are they going to talk about. I allready recorded my voicethread an I liked it a lot.
Keep on P-O-S-T-I-N-G this type of things
ignaciof 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Misss Ale,

how aRE YOU??
I like very much this post. I like this project a lot is was interesating and also then when I open the wiki I so all what we did and i didn;t here the one othe my group that was the school also the other ones , after I here all I learn a lot of the other thing that you have to investigatedd I did the school but there were more so I learn more of the others subjects. like argentina, buenos aires, mate, tango, etc.
I like very much this experiense of this project I learn a lot,
a lot of kisses
see you on monday
chiara.f 6C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I really liked the idea of these expirience. I had a really good tiem recording it. Becuase first I was nervous and started to laugh! Then I was perfect when suddenly Marta appears and I sstarted to LAUGH again. Then I could do it. But I had to stay time of break to keep on recording. Tell me if I have to record it again. OK? I saw mostly all the Presentation, because it went very slow. But I enjoy it, I realised the different tipes of voices that everyone has! But these is ALL? Or there are some peopel who still need to record? Weel, if it is like this is fine, I think that Miss Fiona's students are going to like them a lot! They have a lot of information is a good way, because it is not that all the information goes directly, it is separated in parts. I loooooooooove it! The idea is very creative, original and imaginary.
Keep on Posting..
Belu D

Anonymous said...

hello mis ale,
The project is excellent!!!I hope south Africa likes it and enjoys it.
federico j

fionabeal said...

Hello Miss Ale, this is Fiona Beal from South Africa here. I think your voice thread is wonderful. Congratulations! I can't wait to show it to the children at my school tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Fiona answered! Great, I can't believe that in little time we had done all this is really fantastic. I would like the students from South Africa to blog in our blog and tell us about how did they feel when they saw our country! When I saw this post I could not wait to start listening to our voices and our little papers that we created them with just thinking about our amazing country. When we record them I was really nervous hoping that everything was going to go okay and that the children will like our country! I wish South African children to understand my voice because I think that I speaked very fast, but maybe they understand!
I enjoyed a lot talking about our country although is was too short but we had done with little time an amazing time!
Kisses & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale !
How are you TOday?
Well, I love this video is
very good. I cant wait for
Fiona to send us her vOICHETHREAD!
I would like to know all about
South Africa! I Love THIS project
with Fiona .

Well, See you
Oli p

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!
I have left a comment on the wiki so I guess I don't have to re write it. Haha.. Any ways I will copy paste it just in case:
I liked thisi project a lot, I think it came out very good and tha everybody spoke well and clearly. I hope we get to do another project like this one. Are we going to listen to a vocie thread made by the South African children? I hope we do!
Ps: I am waiting for our next collaborative project.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, the voicethread is great. Some people have to finish recording, but it is excellent! When we finish we have to send it to South Africa, they also did one and it was also excellent!
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Domi said...

Hello miss ale, I entered to voicethread and I listened to all of our recordings.... When I arrived to the tango image I heard federico and I started laughing, my mother couldn't understand about what I was laughing about.... She thought I was CRAZY..... I was very intimidated... I think that Miss Fiona's students will love our recordings...
I can't wait to see their comments..
See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
Long time since I blog. I think it is very good the voice thread. I prefer that than typing, because typing we make copy paste and we dont understand anything, and also that talking is better because there are some times when you enter a page and you have to read LOTS of paragraphs and you dont want, because it is a lot of work, but when you hear something, you dont have to make all that work of reading, you just hear, but sometimes you dont understand what the person that is talking is saying, thats why sometimes you have to record again.
Ill try to blog again any time,
Ivan.S 6C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

I think that this project is excellent.It's very good to show people of other country our wonderful place we live.
The blog is great
see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think teaching South Africa about our country is very interesting and lie that we can learn about South Africa and they can learn About Argentina. We also can learn about different cultures!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
Is great that we can show people from other countries things of our countrie. This made me remember CISV that almost every night the people from different countries showed you there culture and other things from their countrie.And it made you learn lots of things of other countries that i didnt know nothing like Gorgia or Slovenia or maby Lebanon. I hope the people like this voicethread and know how is Argentina. It would be good if they send us a voicethread from their countries. This is a great proyect. And i would be glad if the South African´s like it and maybe want to visit Argentina.
Great Post!

Mateo said...

Hello Miss Ale,
Thils was a very good experience with voice-thread. I showed to my mom and she nearly fainted. She said "That is why I send you to St. Andrews" (but in spanish).
Mateo N.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I've already record the voicethred,
a first i couldn't but then i could. It looks fun to do this because now we can comunicate more with others and also to now what they do in there countries,
Bye Miss Ale, see you later,

Agustina F.6c

Marcos T. said...

Hello miss ale:

I think that everything has been well, and I hope that the other kids around the world too!!!
Your own voice is so different if you here it from a recording.

See you on Monday because tomorrow theres no school!!

Marcos.T - 6A