Monday, 5 March 2012

Rules for blogging

This is the second week in Y6!
I loved the fact that some of you have already blogged!
Your comments will be awarded housepoints depending on the quality of what you wrote.
Remember the following rules:
  • Write positively
  • Use proper grammar and spelling
  • Stick to the topic of the post you are writing about
  • Be respectful
  • No last names, school names or addresses

Enjoy blogging and become a true blogger!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale I love it that you have a site were you post comments on the blogs and that you get house points for that. I like the games you post on your site, I wish you can post more blogs and I would really love it if you could post many more games. I love it that we are in Y6 and I especially like that you are our Language and Social Studies teacher. I hope you keep on posting.
Lots of Love Lauren.S

Maria K said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I really enjoy reading your posts because I love using the Internet.
I really like it when you post new things. Thank u so much,
Maria K

Aisha said...

Hello Miss Ale
I am really happy you made this blog.
I hope you post lots of new things!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale I loved the site because it has games interesing paragraphs pictures the map is cool and we students can do lots of things like bolgging. I love Year 6 especially on social studies and languge. Alsow the house points is a good way of atracting studes

fede vt 6c said...

Miss Ale I would love to see your site improves i am not telling is not bad i am telling it´s exellent but through out the year i will tell you if it was what it can be
I love your site
Ah and the other one that says fede is all sow mine

fede vt 6c said...

I like being in 6 grade because we are more responsoble indepidient we have lockers we are learning more interesting things we chang of classromms and we have many teachers

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, I love being in 6 grade because its more fun. EXAMPLE:changing of class, the lockers, experiments, new things and the most important learning more interesting things, I so pose.

PD:the one that is down its also mine! Tommy PV 6c

Anonymous said...

We have to be more responsable because we are the biggests ones, and there also are some consecuencies: like the teacher are going to be more striced, more homework, a lot of subjects and more and more studing and reading!!

Tommy PV 6c

Belu.E said...

Hello Miss Ale I love the way yousing sow much tecnology in class and at home,I love tecnology but when Internet gets stuck im not so peigent that´s the only thing that boders me if not I love tecnology.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, how are you?
I love the knew blog you created!!!
I would love to know what new things we will learn in social studies, I love this subject! I also love language because I can learn more about GRAMMAR so I can improve my writting. Im still reading my mystery and detective story of Nancy Drew, I cant put it down! Its an amazing book!!! I played all the games, they´re great! I really hope you keep posting on the blog so we can play new games and comment to get more HOUSE POINTS!!!
With lots of love, Taty Y.

Anonymous said...

Zoe said...

I love this blog miss Ale! You are a genius for creating this!! Put some more games!! Tell us about the best friend of sixth... THE LIST OF VERBS!! Hahahah! Wish you the best this year!! Good luck with us this year!

Maia T. said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I am very happy to be in 6th year, because we have lockers, and we are the biggest of all the school. It is a very good idea to make this blog.
I hope you can post many things.
Maia T.

nico f said...

Hello Miss Ale, I love being in 6 grade because its more fun. changing of class, the lockers,etc. Its a very good idea to do this blog to coment an to u give us hose points. I hope that i dont speak more in spanish because ifnot i have to stay here in the computer rigthing.

Anonymous said...

hellow miss ale i like this idea of de post and i love that is in the computer becuse if i am douing enithing on the computer i will rebember about this and the house points is alsow a very good idea for us and the link that has the house points is thamthing use full becuse you can count them in your house

see you next class

Celina P said...

Hello miss Ale, i love having a blog and being in six grade. i like having to put comments and playing different games.

Celina P said...

I hope too that you post many things.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale its a very good blog I hope you keep posting things and that you keep posting a lot off wonderful things

max hillar