Monday, 7 November 2011

Hero Biographies

You worked really hard in your research when writing your hero biographies collaboratively. Even though it was your first time when paraphrasing, you did your best. You need to keep on exercising this skill for your future.
Click on the links below and find out some interesting information about these wonderful people.


Pedro B said...

Yes its true we had worked realy hard!
See you tomorrow

Juan de G said...

I worked very hard on Rene Favaloro because I wanted to have a good mark. In addition I had a very good group, Andres Ku and Gabor

joaquin.c said...

Hi miss ale I know we worked very hard and I loved to do this. It was great fun to research on martin luther king.

MIranda c said...

Miss Ale
I tried to do my best in paraphracing. Still, as you said, I have to keep on practicing. We worked really hard on this project. It was really fun.
See you

MIranda c said...

Miss Ale
I tried to do my best in paraphracing. Still, as you said, I have to keep on practicing. We worked really hard on this project. It was really fun.
See you

Paulina B said...

Miss Ale
Thank you, you are right! We worked very hard on this project of the heros! I did Nelson Mandela and I enjoy it a lot! We worked all together as a group helping each other.

Hugo P said...

Miss Ale
I also worked very hard and I enjoyed researching Luis Federico Leloir
See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I worked very hard with Martin Luther King. My group was: joaco, Fran and I think JuanB. We have search very good information and paraphracing very well.It was fun.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I tried to do paraphrasing well I dont know if its wrong or write I did it the best I could I still dont know why Luis Federico Leloir (My Hero) is a HERO he got a Nobel Price He invented Salsa Golf and I invented a dessert its the same. Lots of people get Noble Prices and to get one for Science is not so important is like getting one in economy and im a hero.

See you tommorow

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
i think we all worked really hard.In my team we all worked really hard researching information and always working hard.Thank you for congratulate us. Our hero was Mahatma Gandhi which was a very interesting person to study about. I also learnt from other heros because i went around and saw what other teams were doing.It was nice working as a group because it was faster and then we could all see what everybody wrote and learn about everything.
See you tomorow!!!

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I have worked very hard in all this project of heros, I think it was very funny and I loved very much doing Louise Brille. But in all I think we have to continued practicing doing paraphrases.
See you tomorrow!!

silvestreb said...

I think we worked very hard, I think its a good idea to work in teams its really fun

matias.c said...

miss ale i love that you can show us how we can reflect on our biographies by showing them up here in the blog and for us mabe to reach some ideas that others had and infer them for our biographie.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I really enjoyed making up this project. I thhink everyone maked a great job!
See YOU,

tomas S said...

Thank you I did all my best and I know I can do more. I know that it is a collaborative document but dont you think that if a person from another grade didnt make well all the group is the one hoe pays it.

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that we worked very hard because we put alot of effort looking for some internet sites and in every kind of place in internet and puting some information from different pages, I also liked to put our personal opinion, because for me, it is important to know what other people thing of these people and why. I think this was a very interesting project and I would like to repeat it, but with other people and other projects and groups. I had a lot of fun searching about Louis Braille, because he had a very interesting life and I think it must be almost imposible to create an alphabet for blind people if you are also blind. It must have been great when everyone had clapped for him and I think it must have hurt a lot to have jab a needle in an eye!
See you tomorrow,
Lourdes I

Benjamin.p said...

I liked alot this topic and we worked realy hard (santino and franco) because we wanted a very god final outcome. In adittion Lucas Nelson and IƱaki told us very impostant liks to work better.
See you tomorrow

Jeronimo A said...

Hi miss.ale:
I think that this project of heroes is a very good one because we are working in groups and with a very important hero, also with the groups of 6B and 6C.

Ana G said...

I liked very much investigating on my hero because I could learn about him or in my case her as if I knew her.

justina b said...

Hello Miss Ale,
We worked very hard for the project of heroes i made nelson mandela with paulina and ernestina.... WE HAD LOTS OF FUN !!!!!!!!! specialy on the part we made the roles play because something went wrong .....
see you

Hannah said...

Hi miss ale
Yes we worked very hard and I also put mu best effort on it I hope that my biografi with the other girls was Ok!!!!
See you next class

Pedro B said...

I worked very hard, but although that i would have to keep practicing

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
Thank you!
I think we wotk a lot but we had a little of drawbacks but we work really hard researching information and the with that information we had to paraphrase. It was a bit difficult because i couldnt found the exactly information that i was looking for. Then I fight with Nacho because we both wanted to do the same thing, then we get to an agreement and he did it but he gave me some parts. I really enjoy it. Thank you for all.
See you tomorrow

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
Thank you to realize our hard work I like when someone apreciates the work that I have done, I worked in Eleanor Roosevelt.
See you Clara V

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I agree with you,I think that we have worked very hard on this Google collaborative document. Although that this was the first time when paraphrasing we have worked with a lot of attitude.I have read some of the collaborative documents and I have found lots of interesting things about this heroes.Speaking of Heroes I hope that you can check the Google documents so that we can continue working with heroes!
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Juanchi T said...

Hi Miss Ale, I never realized that there was so many information, I think we did a great work on our heros. See you tomorow!

Gonzalo c said...

Yes you are right we realy worked realy hard. But it wasnt so boring it was a fun piece of work. I always like to work in teams.

Fran Almaraz said...

Hi miss ale
It is true that we all worked very hard, I tryed to do my best in this and I think that all my group realy made a good efort and I think that the bioghraphy was very good.


Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
I had work very hard and it was very interesting to learn about this fantastic persons that because what they had done they became heroes!
see you tomorrow