Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Take a look!

Six Word Memoirs are ready!!

Click on the links below and check if your six word memoir image is there. If not, let me know by leaving a comment! Hope you like them!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale:
I really liked the presentations. I can't go to school till thursday 2 of December because I have chickenpox (varicela). See you in class!!!!

Felipe 6B

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
I really liked the presentation but mine is not there. Can you chek please. The song was really nice and it emotioned me a lot.
See You,

Anonymous said...

hello miss Ale
i think that the presentation that you post was great.
i saw mine and think it was good
bye pablo.a
thanks for teach me

Anonymous said...

They are great!!
I loved all of them some were really nice!!!!
bye love nicky.

Anonymous said...

Hello MIss Ale!
The presentation was great! I loved being able to see my friends lives in 6 words!!!!!

p.s.- Felipe I hope you feel better!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale:
Thank you, I wish all the best for you too, next year!
Kisses sofiB

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale
The slides were lovely, i really enjoyed seeing it and looking what my friends had put.
Really they are very good and the music also
finally mine was published!!
kisses vale.g

Axel said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The Presentations were really outstanding, I was there, and liked it a lot, I repeat. The song was like a motivating one! I am happy classes are ending after so many effort!
See you,

Axel G

Carolina said...

Miss Ale:
I loved it!!
It was very nice to see what everyone wrote. What my friends feel and what they right. It was really moving. It concluded very well! The music and the effects were just right. It was a very creative mini project. Great idea to do. I didn't hope to it to be so good. I saw all the videos because I wanted to see my friends opinion. The words are similar because we all think similar.

bauti m. 6A said...

Hello Miss Ale, I enjoyed a lot the presentation. My photo is ok.
Bye bye
Bauti M.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
this videos are great!!!!!!
I love them!!
I laugh at mine one because everybody talked about family, friends, happines,....etc. And me!
I am completly a desaster bewteen the rest!!!
I laugh at my self for being so dummy of puting that sentence!!!
I liked so much Laras sentences, they where beatiful!
bye, see you!
Justina 6b

Sol P. said...

Hello Miss Ale!

I really liked the presentation. My photo-visi doesn't have name but is ok.

kisses sol see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I like allot the video with some music and with all the words and the photoes. Here you can see that all the people are different and they like different things. I't was wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!!

The presentation was pretty good.. When I say all the six word memoirds, I was about to cry, they were so beautiful and they entered very deep in my heart!!

Hugs and Kisses
Belu B. 6B

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
The video is very fun and the music too!!!
I saw mine and it was awsome with all the music and all that.

Agustina M 6A said...

Hello Miss Ale:
I really liked the video I started to reflect alot i love it!!!
Agustina M 6A

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
It was really great what you did with the PhotoVisi Projects. Mine is really decorated, actually I think it is to much PINKY!
I could see the Project of everyone and I need to say:
6a ones are REALLY GOOD!
I didn't saw the other ones of the otther classes but I bet they are incredible.
I would really MISS YOU MISS ALE!
And your incredible BLOG!
Lucia L. 6a Fleming

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I saw the presentation or the six words and the mime is the first one
Artu Elsztain

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale;
It is very nice the slideshow or presentation that you had created with music. The photovisi each person had done is very nice. I liked a lot this project and now that I think I am really sure that htis six words represent me a lot.

I like this last but not least project.

Bye Bye Agos 6C

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale

I could not see them but I could only see 2 and then it appeard me all black.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I tried to see it but the link would not open.
Could someone check it please.
I would like to see them
Marina 6b

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I loved how you put all the projects together! I also liked the background music very much. Do you remember which it was?
I hope that you also have a great 2011,

bautista said...

Hi Miss Ale.
Thank You! They look wonderful. I saw A,B,C. All look sooooo great. I liked this project that we do because we learn new social networks, like Wix, Photovisi, and more. I hope tommorow I could wake up felling good so I can go to school.Well....
Bye Bye
Bauti Vf 6C

Alina said...

Hi Miss Ale!

I liked a lot these presentations! I will be seeing these when I pass to middle school, to remember every good time I spent in Year 6th.
I Loved 'em!

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale
I liked the idea of showing six words that represent my life and specially in this moment because we are in the end of one of my goals(finish primary)

Anonymous said...

it is exellent!!, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale
I saw the six words memoar and I think they are all wonderfull.
BYE vartan

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
I liked it alot thank you!
Valen P.