Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Reflection of the week!

"There's a very positive relationship between people's ability to accomplish any task and the time they're willing to spend on it."
- Joyce Brothers

What does this quotation mean?
How can you related it to your actual commitment to school work?


Axel said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that this means that not always you have a bad result because of your capacity, it can be that you don't want to spend so much time doing it, so your results are not going to be the best you could.
I relate this to our school work bythinking that if a day we don't want to spend time doing maths for example, we won't have good results, and if we don't want to spend time at home to study for tests, our results will not be good.
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale
I think this man whants to say with this phrase that if you like and whant to do something you can do it. I can relation it at school with work because when we dont what to do work we do it wrong or you dont do it.
Fran G

Harry said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!

I think that this quotation means that maybe you are are having bad results on something that your doing cause you are not putting all your effort, but maybe you are not so good doing that. We may relate this to school because you should put all your effort, comply with homeworks and also study for tests but that is not the only thing you can also have fun with your friends, you should find the perfect balance.

kisses sol
keep on posting

Carolina said...

Hi Miss Ale!

I think that what the quotient meant was that we don't have to do things in a rush but not do it well. You can take your time to do a piece of work but that time is for you to do it right. Another thing is not to hand in but in school they give us as much time they think we need because they know as. If you do things in a rush you won't do them well because you are not thinking with time. You have to use time responsibly. You have to take use of it and don't leave things for the last moment. Another quotient that I know that my father always says is:
"If you can do something today why leave it for the last moment." It is very common to hear that phrase. I don't know if it is well translated because my father tells it in Spanish.


Anonymous said...

Hello MRs ALe!!!
I think that the quotation means that when people with great abilities work together in a positibe way they can do amazing things and great things on the time they have together, but they need certain amount of time to acomplish it.

I can realte with school because when we work in group every noe of the group is good at something and if they use everything they know in a positive way in a good certain amount of time they can do an awesome piece of work but if they don't have so much time they can fail and that happens sometimes.

Valen P. said...

Hi Miss Ale

I liked alot this quotation.
I think the meaning was that there is not an abism between people´s ability and the time they put on it. If you poractice and you try agian and again you will progress at that, and it is mostly the time you want to put to it. If you don´t care, you don´t practice or you
don´t put any of a good attitude or time you won´t progress or becamo good at it.
Mire time you put on anythign, better you become even though you where good at it before.

We can relate this magnificent quotation with our every day act at school. For example, I am not good at Maths and I don´t dedicate many time to my studies to progress I will not come to improve; but if I am not good at Maths but I dedicate time to it, I study and I plan to improve I will definetly progress my Maths.
Everything is conected.

Valen P. 6A