Sunday, 21 March 2010

Our blogging friends

These are some of the classes around the world that have visited our blog and have kindly left a comment. We are making "global connections". We are opening the classroom walls to other friends.

One of the keenest "virtual" blogger is Couso3- Thank you!

You can visit their blogs. Then decide which blog you would like to leave a comment or make any questions and leave the comment here so that I can correct it and we can add it during the week.
Put on your thinking glasess!!!
Thank you!
Enjoy this rainy Sunday! Read, blog and rest!!!


Linda Yollis said...

Dear Creative Readers, Writers and Thinkers,

First of all, I love the title of your blog! It really says it all!

Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment about what you like about spring. It interesting to imagine that we are beginning spring and you are beginning autumn/fall. What is the weather like in Argentina this time of year?

Your friend,
Mrs. Yollis
California, USA

Miss Ale said...

Thank you for your prompt reply!
Now it is raining "cats and dogs" It has been rather warm these past days, almost 30ºC as a maximum and 14ºC minimum. The rainy season starts together with autumn. It's good for the countryside but rather gloomy!
Let's keep in touch
Miss Ale

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I love the blog it is simmilar to last years but the posts are not. I found all post very interesting and I hope they will be lots of keen bloggers this year. Keep posting
Delfi F and Male C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale :What fun that we can be connected with persons and blogs from other countries at all times see you in class¡¡


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale is very good to have bloggers from other parts of the world I hope they like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale!

Its a lot of fun to conect with other people of the world through the blog.. its very interesting and you can chat and make close friends... its cool

Belu b. 6B Fleming

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Ale I saw the blog of Mrs.T and it was very good becasue you read all and it said that you could take a quiz about it after reading it.But I would like to leave a comment in Mrs. Sherri's blog about the hoteset place in Washington:
The photos were excellent, and I would also like to say that over there could be an excellent place to leave in becasue they like fishing and I love fishing and the photos were very inspiering for me to have an idea of how the place is, it was very nice work.

NZWaikato said...

Thanks for putting us on this post, we love getting visits and comments from all around the world and you are the first class that has visited us from South America! We look forward to hearing from your students, have a great week!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

I find it great that people from other places are visiting the blog! I was slightly surprised seeing people from New Zeland coming on here. I mean, we are literaly on oposite ends of the world!

Megan 6B

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale I think this idea of chating virtualy through the blog is a fantastic idea and you can also make friends from other countries of the world

Marco S

Anonymous said...

Heloooo mis Ale

i think this idea of chating and showing our blogs with the world is a super idea because we make friends we can learn different languages.

Bye Francisco.G 6c

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale,

Iam very happy that wae can connect ourselves and talk with interoceanic people and make virtual friends. What would be great would be to meet someday our virtual friends.


Axel G

Anonymous said...


I Think this idea of shearing "Blogs" with peolpe of other countries/regions is very interesting.

They can give us ideas for our Reading, Writing and Thinking.

Joaco B

Anonymous said...

Its incredible to see so much Bloggers I think that this of the blog is exellent I hope this last FOREVERR....
Hope see you toomorow Kisses


Anonymous said...

i think its super too have other people more than us coming too are blogg.
its so cool people of the world are visiting our blogg.
i didnt nowtist we where so famous.
justi, bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale it is fantastic to share our blog bye bye
agostina g 6c dodds

Anonymous said...

miss ale,
i like to you
to join people of
others countries
i is fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
It´s a wonderful idea to be conected with any people around the world!!

Pierre 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
I need to say we have a lot of visitants of other country's and thats great.
I wondered if you could help me to put a coment in other blog.
I am sorry I didn't blogged before.
Kisses and Sorries
Lucia Leporati 6a

gianfranco.zanier said...

Amazing!!! We can know the name of every class we're blogging with.

lucia.leporati said...

Hello Miss Ale,
What a count of people are conected every day.
Such as what I needed to do, sorry.
I search and looked in a lot of blogs of other parts of the world.
It's fantastic!!!!!
Kisses and Sorries
Lucia Leporati 6a

Chase said...

thanks for putting us on your post im glad you put us on your classpage. mr webb put yous on our page so we can comment on your page sometimes.

Melville Room 8
New Zealand

Tamara said...

hi my name is Tamara. I think your blog is cool. Thanks for putting our blog onto your's. I have a question what is your favourite subject? Mine is reading. My favourite book is go girls camp chaos.
Room 8
Melville Intermedite
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale:
I think that being in contact with other people that lives in other countries is grate!
Congruatulations you have a grate job, and we, the students realize that you enjoy it a heap, and that you love it!
Regards! With love

Anonymous said...

Is very nise that all the people of the world can go in on this blog and i like that all the people came in on the blog that i am i think that all the people go in.


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think it is very interesting to have people all around the world to be entering our blog and learning about us. Also to have the possibility to enter other people's blog to learn about their culture. I would love to enter other peoples blog and see how they work.
Keep on posting.
Alejo. N

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale it is a very good idea to be conected with other countries. And we could do fiends

Anonymous said...

We have lots of friends from the world, maybe if we keep on bloging and commenting will have more and more friends

Anonymous said...

Hello Mis Ale
I think that its incredible how people can be connected with each other in all the world.