Saturday, 26 April 2008


POEM: We have discovered a wondeful poet in Y6 and his name is Juan Fernandez Zaragoza.

Congratulations Juan on such a fantastic poem!

6A PHOTO: Santi B- Jorge G- Ignacio V- Martin S- George J.

6B PHOTO: Pancha- Sofia K- Olivia K- Gini

6C PHOTO: Thomas D- Felipe S- Ramiro T- Martin T- Facundo G

A big clap for all those who participated and congratulations to all those who guessed!


Anonymous said...

wow Miss Ale

I can´t beleve Juan wrote it!! It is such a beautiful poem I didn´t know Juan was so inspired writting poems!!


Anonymous said...

The poem was very good, i would never have thoughten that he wrote it. He has a very good talent.

Felipe s

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale. that was a very good poem... i coundn't have thought of it. He has a lot of talent.

Shany M

Anonymous said...

what? I never was going to imagine that Juan was going to write that super poem. I want to congratulate him for his super poem. and I am glad I guessed who were in the photos

bye bye
Thomas D

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale two things first I want to congratulate Juan for the poem. Then remember i told you that I guessed all the photos. Yes I was right in the one of the girls I dindnt put my name but there is one in the middle. Down the one in the middle is me writing that the one with no name is mine.

Tobi B

Anonymous said...

Juan wrote it?????????????????
well its okay.....
It is a very good blog....

By Bye Bye Bye

maxi B

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I can´t believe Juan wrote the poem. He has a special talent for that as I see. It would take me ages to write something like that. He has a lot of knowledge. I tried to say who where on the photo of 6b but I confused Pancha with Ine.
See you
Barbie M

Anonymous said...

Hello Ale I can`t believe Juan did it. I thought it would be Julieta Irisibar but I didn`ttake advantage of the blog so know I am starting to enter more to the blog.

Ramiro T