Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Creature in the Classroom

Do you know who this creature is?

Remember that we are flying across a fantasy world!

How do you think you would react if you met this creature?

If you want to know more about what happened,

just click on the word creature.

Enjoy it!



Justina D said...

Miss Ale
Its a very good post I loved it very funny one jajaja

julia said...

Miss Ale it`s funny Y enjoy it allot

Celina P said...

Hello Miss Ale, the poem was really good. I think that creature it is a very strange monster. If I met this creature I would be scared. That creature looked as if it was really rude! See you tommorow.

Azul said...

Hullo Miss Ale! I have to say that the only option that comes to mind right now is a type of monster, cause I don't remember any childhood creature that did that. No, I would not care to meet that monster since he would probably gobble me up as well.

Anonymous said...

it was a strange monster

Maria K said...

Hello Miss Ale:
The post was very good. The beggining was very funny. The creature I thought of is a giant because they eat all sorts of things.
See u in class,

Catalina 6b said...

Hello Miss Ale, It was fun to read about this strange creature! I remember the author of this poem from last year! I wouldnt like to meet that monster as I would be scared of him.

Nicolas Y said...

I think that the creature is very strange becuase it ate ink and swallowed the teacher. If i meet the monster i wouldn´t mind

Sofi R 6a said...

I think that it is a monster or a giant!!
It was very wierd and funny!!! it gobbled everything!!
That was very rude...... He didn't obey the teacher!!
If I would be there I would be laughing and I would be excited to tell my mom what happened!!!!!

Jasmine said...

Miss Ale,
I have no idea what was but a weird story and it was funny.

Manu P 6aolivos said...

Miss Ale i think it was a very intresting and funny post
and i think i would met the monster jaja

CandelaC said...

Miss Ale,
The poem was very funny
I enjoy it ver much

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale it very fun y like the post ALEJO

Aline G said...

I think that is a monster it will be funny met with him

juan rb said...

I think that was my brother, it was very good the poem

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
I wouldn't like to meet the monster but the poem was a very funny showing text.

Anonymous said...

Juana O:
Miss Ale; the creature was strange but funny! Them poem was good and showing you could picture the scene I wouldn't have liked to meet a creature that even could eat himself!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
It is very funny! And also I WOULD NOT LIKE TO SEE A MONSTER IN THE CLASS!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
I would be very scared if I saw a monster in the class eating my teacher, it was quite funny and creative.
Lauren S

Anonymous said...

It is a very creative poem, is Jack Perlustky famous? I want to know more about him! I do some research.

sean said...

i would love it, not that im saying that i would love if it ate you miss ale but another teacher i really cant tell what it is but i liked how it was a showing text

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale it a very good poem it was very funny this poem and it was like a monster that creature its a very good poem.

Maria.L 6C

Anonymous said...

Its a great poem, and I remember I read lots of poems about this author in 3rd grade!!!
I don´t know what this creature is, but I think its a monster.
If I were the teacher I would have called the principal in the very first moment I saw the creature!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale:
It is a very funny poem. I think its a monster. I was asking myself you is the author?


Anonymous said...

I think it is a fairy because he can fly fede vt

Sophia Olivia Mia said...

it's really awsome post.
keep it up.

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